Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hello there pals!

After not doing any blog for months, I kind of miss it. I miss bursting out my emotions and my thoughts. Since then, I became irritable and unproductive… Now I am back! Back with new stories and poems you’ll surely hate or love. To those who hated my stories and took time to comment thanks! Nice thing about it ‘cuz you still read my blog even you curse every single word I post (which is good ‘cuz the fact that you still take time read it, hehehe). And to those who were asking if I based on my own experience all the stories and poems I write? Well, some were based on my life and some were of my friends’ life which happens to get my attention and inspired me to write those stuff. Of course, I have to edit and add spice to the story to make it interesting (or to some may be disgusted about the story).

I am working on a new story now about 3 different stories of love. It answers questions about love such as: What does it take to be loved by the one you really love? Are you sure the one you love loves you the same way? Would/could you love and trust at the same time? What if finally love came on you but the person does not trust you at all? Does a guy/girl still love you even if he’s/she’s already in the arms of somebody else? After your breakup, you suddenly ask – did he/she ever love me at all? Will he ever love me again? Does he/she really mean it if he/she tell you that he/she loves you?... And all the questions you may want to ask concerning the most wonderful and hurtful word of all --- “LOVE”.